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After months of lessons, your trainer suggest that your child is ready to ride in the next horse show at the barn. Well, now what? See below for a checklist of what you need to do to prepare. Also, watch the video tutorials on how to do hair and make-up as well as check out the photos on what your child should look like to bring home the blue. 


What you Need to Bring:

  • Show Clothes - Jods, shirt, vest and tie (cleaned and pressed). You can borrow a whole outfit from the Miller Barn Room. Talk to your trainer so they can help you put something together that fits and is fun. Please have it dry cleaned and returned to the Miller Barn Room within a week of the show.

  • Gloves – Black or brown gloves that should match your paddock boots. The Barn Room has a ton of gloves in multiple sizes that you can borrow

  • Helmet – Helmets are required, but they should be cleaned and/or covered with a lycra helmet cover

  • Paddock Boots – Wear your everyday paddock boots, but be sure they are clean and shined up with shoe polish before you arrive at the show

  • Supplies for Bun – Be sure to go shopping at CVS or online to pick up hair ties, barrettes, bobby pins, hair spray, hair brush, hair net and donut hair bun (cut in ½). Hair ties, bobby pins and hair nets should match your daughters hair color. See video tutorial below on how to do a show bun and remember, practice makes perfect

  • Make-up – While she may be too young to wear make-up to school, a bit of make-up helps your daughters face stand out and her smile shine bright in the ring. Basics include foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blush and lipstick. See video tutorial below on how to do show make-up

  • Black Electrical Tape - Black tape is needed to tape your gloves to your shirt (so they are seamless) as well as tape the top of the boots

  • Large Safety Pins – A large safety pins must be used horizontally on the back of the vest to set the show number on and can also be used in lieu of a tie bar (if you don’t have the bling). See photo below of show number installation

Not Required (but fun to have):

  • Bling for the Ring  – Its Show Thyme utilizes Swarovski crystals in multiple colors for show number magnets, collar bars, earrings and hair pins. They also feature fancy show whips. They offers 25% off orders of $100 or more and will drop all purchases off at the barn. Just put MILLER EQUESTRIAN as the delivery address, as well as in the notes box, when you place your order online

  • Hair Bling (Bow or Hair Pins) – matching bow or hair pins to enhance the hair bun

  • Caboodles Hard Case Organizer - Caboodle cases are hard cases that come in multiple sizes and colors with tons of storage. They are a great way to help your child keep their stuff in one place

  • Make-up Bag - It is great to have a make-up bag solely for your show make-up to keep it all together

Before Entering the Show Ring (last minute touch-ups):

  • Tape your gloves to your shirt sleeves with electrical tape

  • Tape the top of boots tight around your leg with electrical tape

  • Touch-up lipstick


Don't forget to smile and have FUN!

Academy Horse Show Info



Miller Equestrian Services trainers and riders recommend the following apparel products and vendors and want to share them with our horseback riding lesson fans. See below for our favorite jods, helmets, socks, as well as everything you need for the next horse show. There are also several options for new and consignment horse show attire. 

Click on the photo and the link will take you to the vendors website. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Good luck and happy shopping!

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